About Art Kits

Art Kits is a not for profit company limited by guarantee

Our mission is:

  • To distribute and support the kit’s usage.
  • To make the kit’s widely available as a personal tool.
  • To support the kit’s usage as a means of self expression.
  • For art kit’s to be accessible to all.

 Art Kits aims are:

  • To create a high quality, adaptable kit that can be tailored to the needs of specific groups.
  • To focus distribution on those away from home, i.e. the Armed Forces, art students, expeditions and researchers in the field.
  • To support the kits usage through delivering or signposting other creative activity: To promote self-expression, interpretation and reconnection.
  • To make art more accessible.
  • To use art to gain a sense of understanding, reflection, reconnection, self worth


The team at Art Kits wish to extend our thanks to the following supporters

  • Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund
  • Go Commando
  • The Royal Marines Museum
  • Pardoes Solicitors
  • Brewin Dolphin Accountancy
  • CQC